Advantages to the Sure-Shot curling stick:

  1. Control of rock on delivery (ahead of the center of gravity of the rock)
  2. Retrieving or moving stones around the house (both ends open)
  3. Stick head fits all sizes of handles (3 sizes of rock handles)
  4. Light weight and straight handle
  5. Adjustable handle for short or tall users
  6. Conveniently slide stick handle over broom handle for ease of travel and carrying
  7. Stop the rock before the T-line (if rock has picked garbage or skip changes the shot)
  8. Ability to rotate and free the rock of garbage (between T-line and hog line)

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Why have Sure Shot Curling Sticks become so popular among the Stick Curling elite?

Accuracy of Delivery - There is no doubt that Canadian Stick Curling champions and provincial winners Glen Haase and Earl Stephenson are sure shots with their SURE-SHOT sticks!

This curling stick, with its patent pending design, is the only curling stick which pushes the stone from the front of the handle. This patent pending feature enhances delivery accuracy. See this advantage for yourself... try pushing a small container of water with a pencil from the back of the cup (be careful not to tip over your container). Now try pushing it from the front inner lip of the container. When pushing from the front inner lip the line of direction is much easier to control.

FULL-Functionality - The SURE-SHOT is the ONLY curling stick which is capable of performing many of the other activities which are required during the play of the game. While most of the other curling sticks only enable a curler to push a stone, the SURE-SHOT is designed to push a stone AND to both pull and lift a stone. This enhanced functionality enables the curler perform the activities from either an upright or sitting position.

Ergonomics - The handle is a durable aluminum telescoping pole. The handle can be adjusted to between approximately 3 and 5 feet to account for curler height or the curlers stick length preference. When compacted to approximately 3 feet it is easily stored or transported on your broom or in your curling bag. The SURE-SHOT is Ultra-Lightweight (approximately 300g or 0.66 lbs) and is easily handled by most curlers.

Fits all known handle sizes - Many of the other commercially available curling sticks are designed to fit a handle of a specific size. What do you do when you go to a rink with different sized handles? The SURE-SHOT is designed to fit all known handle sizes, which enables you to curl in other clubs regardless of their handle sizes.